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What is an alert, advisory & bus detour?

When deviations to service occur, they are classified throughout our website as one of three notifications.

Travel Alert is an unanticipated change in route service currently happening.

Travel Advisory is a planned, temporary change in schedule or service, including route changes, scheduled to happen in the near future. Advisories may be in effect for short periods of time (1-2 weeks) or longer periods of time (3 months-2 years). A Customer Notice will also serve as a continued reminder of planned, long term changes currently in effect.

Bus Detours are planned or unanticipated change in the regular route caused by conditions such as street construction; events & parades; weather; and the like. Route changes for a planned detour may also be advertised as a Travel Advisory.

It is always recommended for customers to check for service changes before traveling.

Where can I get general route and service information?

Our Customer Service Agents are available to help plan your travel route by calling (215) 580-7800. Our website also has a trip planner that allows you to create custom travel itineraries for our Bus, Subway, Trolley, and Regional Rail services. All you do is enter your starting point, final destination, (street addresses work equally well), and date and time of travel and Plan My Trip will provide travel option information. All possible routes will be outlined, total travel time calculated, and you can also get return trip information.

Where do I call if I've lost a personal item?

Complete details on where to call or visit is found in the lost & found section.

How can I travel to Philadelphia International Airport?

The Airport Line Regional Rail train provides service to Philadelphia International Airport every 30 minutes from about 4 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. Bus Routes 37 and 108 service Philadelphia International Airport also.

I travel on both PATCO & SEPTA. Can I use the same pass?

PATCO and SEPTA have separate fare instruments and policies. However, riders can save money and time by purchasing a reduced-fare, round-trip SEPTA ticket from any FREEDOM automated vending machine in New Jersey PATCO stations. This ticket allows customers a round-trip ride on any of the following SEPTA services: Market-Frankford Line; Broad Street Line or Broad Ridge-Spur; Trolley Routes 10, 11, 13, 34 or 36; Bus Routes 2, 4, 9, 12, 16, 21, 23, 27, 32, 33, 38, 42, 44, 47, 47m, 48, 61, 62 or 121. Tickets can be paid for with cash or a PATCO FREEDOM card. The SEPTA ticket is printed in two portions, one for each trip. The first portion must be used on SEPTA within 60 minutes of being purchased. The second portion of the ticket remains valid for up to 24 hours. Time restrictions are not valid on weekends or major holidays. For additional PATCO information, visit or call (856) 722-6900 in New Jersey or (215) 922-4600 in Pennsylvania.

What is an Independence Pass?

The Independence Pass is available for both individuals and families. These passes provide one day of unlimited travel on any service SEPTA operates. The cost varies for the Individual or Family pass, and an additional charge applies when traveling to or from the state of New Jersey.

Independence Pass details

Does SEPTA offer a discount for college students?

SEPTA offers colleges and universities the opportunity to offer their students a discounted semester-based transit pass through SEPTA's University Pass program. Participating institutions can select from a variety of fares and zones that will coordinate with the institution's academic calendar. More information is available in the fares section.

Does SEPTA offer discounts to daily commuters?

Yes, through SEPTA's Commuter's Choice Program, employees that commute using SEPTA can save up to $900 a year. Employers can save money too.

Does SEPTA provide speakers?

Yes, we can work with you to assign a knowledgeable SEPTA employee for presentations on topics such as "careers in transportation", "safety on SEPTA", "fare technology", "Transit Planning" and a "history of Transit and Railroad Operations". You can bring your group to SEPTA's HQ at 1234 Market or the designated SEPTA Speaker can attend your location. Groups are always encouraged and welcome to visit SEPTA HQ to see and hop on the historic PCC Trolley that once traveled the streets of Philadelphia (and still do on Girard Avenue), to view our collection of historic panels and photos, and to visit the popular Transit Gift Store, where we offer a large array of SEPTA and transit related toys, gifts, clothing, books and memorabilia. Tours of the SEPTA Customer Service Call Center can also be arranged using our online Tours and Presentations Form

How can I find out about careers with SEPTA?

SEPTA offers a variety of career opportunities for people with diverse skills and qualifications, including bus operators, mechanics, conductors, engineers, and other support personnel. Current job openings are listed in Careers.