Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority Serving Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia Counties

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Passenger Etiquette | General Guidelines

General Guidelines

Seats are for customers - no feet or belongings please

Yield Priority Seats to riders with disabilities and seniors

Be nice and offer seats to parents with small children

When talking to others, please no loud or abusive language

Practice cell phone courtesy by setting ring tones to vibrate, using an inside voice and avoiding two-way talk

Use earphones or headphones for your listening pleasure; set on low

Your safety and comfort are important. Honor requests from operators or other SEPTA staff

When standing, do not block doors

No smoking on vehicles, in concourses, or at stations

Drink only from containers with sturdy, resealable lids. No open containers or cans

Cooked or prepared foods don't mix with transit travel

Take your meal home to eat

Light, small snacks are OK. No trash please

Keep SEPTA clean. Dispose of trash and recyclables properly

Buses, Trolleys, Trackless Trolley Routes

Fold strollers* and carts before the vehicle arrives (*except wheelchair strollers)

Have your fare ready when you board

Do not stand in front; move to the rear; use the rear door to exit

Don't leave the Operator guessing - use the request cord/button to signal your stop

Allow customers in wheelchairs to board first - especially at terminals and loops

Subway Lines

Let riders exit first, before you board the train

Stand clear of the platform-side doors to allow others to exit and enter; "step out - step in," don't block the doors. You delay everyone!

Do not hold doors open or lean on doors

Put bags or packages on your lap, not in the aisle

Hold on to handrails when standing

Regional Rail Lines

Have your fare ready for inspection

Use overhead racks for luggage, outerwear, and larger carry-on items

Accommodate other customers that wish to use the middle seats

Observe the QuietRide Car guidelines when traveling on weekday trains with three or more cars open for passenger use

Transportation Centers

Soliciting and loitering is not permitted

"No smoking" regulations are enforced

Do not run through station area

Do not litter

Pay attention to your surroundings, especially when wearing ear buds or headphones

When boarding buses from platforms, form an orderly line

Please do not rush the doors - allow disabled riders and senior citizens to board first

Use designated walkways only; do not jaywalk or trespass in 'transit only' areas

Pets on SEPTA Vehicles

  • Companion animals, pets, therapy, comfort, or emotional support animals are not classed as service animals for the purpose of public transportation and cannot ride on a SEPTA vehicle except in carriers