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Passenger Etiquette

Dude It's Rude Campaign:

In 2014 SEPTA launched a direct message campaign - Dude It's Rude -- to address etiquette and quality of ride issues for all modes of our service. We wanted to remind people that they're not alone when they're on a Bus, Trolley, Subway, or Regional Rail car. Secretly we hoped attitudes and public behavior would change and that everyone would realize that courtesy, especially to others, is an important part of a pleasant travel environment.

The response from many customers, when we first launched Dude It's Rude, was positive. But sadly discourteous behavior on the SEPTA system persists, so we're unwrapping the next phase of our Dude It's Rude campaign for 2016 with new messaging.

We know this campaign is a little edgy - it was intended to be - etiquette with a kick - using strong visuals and a minimum of words. We also did not include our name or logo on decals and posters because we want customers to think more about the message and less about who is delivering it. So if our graphics or slogan grabs your attention and you read the message -- we're halfway to creating a more pleasant travel environment for everyone.

2015 and 2014 Dude It's Rude Campaigns


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