Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority Serving Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia Counties

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For Customer Safety and Service at this Station

Please Observe the Following

  • No person may interfere with the delivery of transit service; obstruct the flow of pedestrian traffic at this facility or conveyances; or interfere with the safe and efficient operation of this facility

  • No person may lie down, put their feet up, or place personal belongs on any bench or seat in a transit or railroad station including any associated concourse or platform

  • No person or any of their personal belongings, may occupy more than one seat

  • No person may obstruct the free movement of any individual by lying or sitting, or placing personal belongings on the platform floor, the concourses, stairs or landings at a transit or railroad station

  • No person may use the public restrooms at a transit or railroad station to change clothes, wash or rinse clothes, or bathe except to wash their hands or face

  • Please remember to use the proper receptacles for trash disposal and recycling

  • For your safety, do not board a moving train. Do not access any train through the area between cars