2016- 2021

  • 80 x 50 reduction goal for 2016-2021: 87,959,200 lbs CO2-E
  • Eight committed, board-approved initiatives to reduce emissions and increase efficiency
  • Projected emissions reductions thru 2021: 161,076,645 lbs CO2-E (includes assumed 0.5% annual cleaner eGrid)


525 Hybrid-Electric Buses
525 more hybrid-electric buses will be added to SEPTA's fleet by 2021. Once all of the buses have arrived, SEPTA's emissions will be reduced by 15,549,624 lbs CO2-E (2%).

Electric Buses
Beginning in 2017, SEPTA's first fleet of 25 Proterra electric buses will arrive to replace diesel and hybrid buses along Routes 29 and 79. Integrating electric buses will reduce emissions by 2,101,777 lbs CO2-E (<1%).

Solar Power Purchasing Agreement
SEPTA chose SunVest Solar, Inc. to install solar panels on its facilities through a power purchase agreement (PPA). Through the PPA, SEPTA will purchase the power generated from the solar panels installed on the rooftops of four SEPTA properties, which will reduce emissions by 3,050,993 lbs CO2-E (<1%).

WESS Build-Out
As a continuation of the WESS pilot, SEPTA will install seven new WESS batteries in substations along the Market-Frankford and Broad Street lines. Doing so will reduce emissions by 5,672,026 lbs CO2-E, (<1%).

Additional Committed initiatives include:

  • Bus Network Planning - 8,463,737 lbs CO2-E ( 1%)
  • Service Vehicle Normal Replacements - 764,290 lbs CO2-E (<1%)
  • Employee Engagement - 5,431,322 lbs CO2-E (<1%)
  • ESCO Master Plan - 21,071,783 lbs CO2-E (2%)

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