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Kindergarten through 12th Grade Students

Student fares are available to all school districts within the SEPTA service area and the school district in which the student resides is responsible for the student's transportation to and from school, within guidelines set forth by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

School Tokens ($1.90 - $2.00 each)
School tokens are valid for one trip on any bus, subway or trolley line. They are not valid for use on Regional Rail. School tokens are only valid for use for travel to or from school and are used by students attending Kindergarten through Grade 12.

School tokens are not available in the City Of Philadelphia, as the School District has elected to provide a Weekday Student Pass. School tokens currently held by students will be accepted for travel on SEPTA until further notice.

Student One-Day Convenience Pass ($6.75)
The pass is validated upon first use allowing passes to be issued in advance for future use. They are valid on all SEPTA buses, trolleys and subway lines but not valid on Regional Rail trains. The pass allows students take up to six rides in any one school day.

Weekday Student Pass ($3.84 per valid day)
A weekday Student Pass is valid for trips on multiple bus, subway or trolley lines. They are not valid for use on Regional Rail. These passes can only be used by students for their travel to or from school, between the hours of 5:30 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. These passes are valid only on days in which school is in session.

Weekday Student Pass Upgrade for Regional Rail ($5.90 per valid day)
For primary and secondary school students using Regional Rail, the weekday Student Pass is upgradable to a Student Rail Pass. Student Rail Passes are valid for travel to all zones. This can be done at select Regional Rail ticket offices.

Upgrades are done between the Wednesday before and Tuesday of the valid week of the weekday Student Pass. The weekday Student Pass cannot be upgraded to a weekly TransPass or TrailPass.

Students surrender their weekday Student Pass and receive a credit of $3.84 for each valid day of the pass, used towards the purchase of a Student Rail Pass. The student must complete the upgrade, not a parent or guardian. Students not eligible to receive a weekday Student Pass can purchase a Student Rail Pass at a cost of $5.90 per valid day. In this instance, the student must show current primary or secondary school student picture identification.

School districts are responsible for establishing student fare use and pricing.

For more details about student fares, contact the Administrator at the student's school.

Application & procedures for selling student fares