Introducing The Future of Fare Collection

Program Update

SEPTA is in the midst of an historic upgrade of our fare collection system. Over the next three years, we will replace our current fare collection process with a new "smart" system, currently known as New Payment Technology or NPT, which will work seamlessly across the entire SEPTA network. It will enable fare payment on all our buses, trolleys, subways, Regional Rail and CCT vehicles, as well as SEPTA parking facilities.

The new fare collection system will offer riders a variety of payment choices. When the new system launches the choices will include cash and refillable cards. Ultimately it will incorporate fobs, smart phones and other contactless methods or devices.

The NPT project is divided into three phases, expected to be completed by 2015:

1) Design, testing, and manufacturing
2) Transit installation (bus, trolley, subway)
3) Regional Rail installation

We know change can be hard. To ease the transition, we are preparing the most far-reaching public information and education campaign in our history. To help SEPTA riders, the public, community leaders and visitors better understand the scope and timing of the effort, we've created an infographic. It illustrates how fare options, new technology and customer support will be rolled out over the next three years.

Visit our Project Details page for more information.