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Introducing the Future of Fare Payment at SEPTA

After months of speculation and a few well-placed hints on our part, we are pleased to officially announce the name of our new fare payment and collection program -- SEPTA Key. The full transition of the SEPTA Key program is scheduled to take place in two stages - Transit (Bus, Trolley, Trackless Trolley, and High Speed Lines) in 2016 and Regional Rail and our CCT Connect Paratransit services in 2017.

Starting with Transit, we will be introducing new turnstiles and Fare Kiosks at Transit stations; red framed card Validators will be installed on all Bus, Trolley, Trackless Trolley, and Norristown High Speed Line fareboxes; and we are creating new fare payment options including reloadable SEPTA Key fare cards and single ride fares.

You may have already started to notice new turnstiles, accessible gates, and Fare Kiosks at some Transit stations and Validators on vehicle fareboxes. The first of this equipment was installed last year as part of an advanced equipment test, and now we're preparing for the pilot testing.

Our transition to a new fare program will be different from any other large transit operation in North America because when we complete the roll out, all of our service modes will be part of SEPTA Key.

While we may be breaking new ground for the industry, today our only focus is making certain everything works together as designed so that we can offer seamless travel across the SEPTA service region in the near future.

Introducing a technologically modern fare payment and collection program for a system as large and complex as SEPTA takes a great deal of planning, testing, and preparation. Starting in early December we will begin extensive testing of the new equipment and software to ensure that everything performs to our expectations. This process will be repeated as we install more equipment to ensure that everything is ready when we start the transition from old to new and SEPTA customers start purchasing SEPTA Key Cards and using them to ride Transit.

A new fare program needs a new vocabulary to describe the features and how things will work. Click on the FAQ's and learn more about Validators, Fare Kiosks, SEPTA Key Cards, the Senior Fare program, and more.

To get a glimpse of the future of fare payment at SEPTA, we invite you to stop by our new station fare lines for the Market Frankford, Broad Street Line, and Trolleys located just below Dilworth Park in Center City.

We're excited about the flexibility and options the SEPTA Key Card will offer our customers. Please keep checking back to this site for updates, and more news and information about the SEPTA Key program. Back