Welcome to SEPTA Key

SEPTA Key is a very different take on our legacy magnetic stripe passes, tokens, and transfers. It is the future of fare payment with one, reloadable, contactless chip card that offers a host of options for seamless travel and self-service flexibility. Read more about the SEPTA Key Program.

November 18, 2019 | Friendly User Tap to Exit Testing at Jefferson Station - UPDATE

Weekly & Monthly Trailpasses on Key Card

Today, we only ask customers to tap their Key Card at the turnstile Validator when they enter the system at University City, 30th Street, Suburban, Jefferson, and Temple Stations. When Key is fully rolled out on Regional Rail you will TAP the platform Validator at your home station or TAP with the Conductor on board the train to open your trip and TAP again at the turnstiles/platform Validator when you arrive at your destination to close your trip.

SEPTA Key Sales Expanding to Regional Rail Station Ticket Offices

Weekly & Monthly Trailpasses on Key CardSEPTA has expanding the locations where you can buy a SEPTA Key Card and load/reload fare products to include outlying station Regional Rail Ticket Offices.



Now that Weekly and Monthly TrailPasses, for all Zones, are available on a SEPTA Key Card and all Regional Rail Station Ticket Offices sell Key Cards and load/reload Passes, legacy TrailPasses will no longer be sold at SEPTA Sales locations.

*Does not apply to customers purchasing Monthly Parking Permits. Does not apply to customers purchasing legacy Monthly TrailPasses through ComPass, WageWorks, Wired Commute, or other corporate programs that currently send Monthly Passes directly to customers.


The SEPTA Key Corporate ProgramCard to Card Replacement is a new feature available on www.septakey.org for customers with a Registered SEPTA Key Card that is about to expire. It just takes a few clicks and all Passes and Travel Wallet balances will transfer to your new Card. If the new Card already has funds in the Travel Wallet, the amount that you transfer will be added to the existing balance. If you had Autoload set on the old Card your new Card will automatically be set to Autoload.


The SEPTA Key Corporate ProgramThe SEPTA Key Corporate Program is expanding for companies and organizations that currently purchase SEPTA legacy Passes each month for their employees through the SEPTA COMPASS Program. SEPTA Key eliminates the bulk order and delivery process of Passes each month and makes it easier for your members to manage their Key accounts. Learn more about the application process and how to set up an account.

September 26, 2019 | Check the Expiration Date on the Front of Your SEPTA Key Card

registerThere are SEPTA Key Cards in use that will be expiring on November 30, 2019 so please take a moment to check the "GOOD THRU" date on the front of your Card. If your Card is set to expire and it is not already registered, please do so immediately (http://septa.org/key/register.html). This action protects your Card and fare products today and will make it much easier to transfer any Travel Wallet funds or unused One Day Independence/One Day Convenience Passes* on your Card.

Effective July 1, 2019 | TransPasses No Longer VALID for Weekday Travel on the Airport Regional Rail Line

airport-transpass-not-validWith the introduction of SEPTA Key on Regional Rail, the following fare changes will go into effect, as outlined in the current Tariff No.154 Supplement No. 40:

Weekly and Monthly TransPasses will no longer be accepted for Weekday and Non-Holiday travel on the Airport Line beginning July 1st

A Zone 1 or higher Weekly or Monthly TrailPass will be required for regular Weekday travel

Zone 1 TrailPasses are available for purchase on a SEPTA Key Card. Customers who currently use a Key Card for travel on the Airport Regional Rail will only need to change their purchase to a Zone 1 TrailPass.

May 15, 2019 | Introducing the New SEPTAKey.org

new-key-siteEarlier this year, we offered our customers the chance to try out the new SEPTAKey.org on a fully functional BETA site. Thank you to all of those who participated in and provided feedback during the BETA phase of the site's rollout.

On May 15, the full transition was made to the new SEPTAKey.org. Any customers who used the BETA site can now simply visit SEPTAKey.org to continue using SEPTA Key exactly as they do now.

May 1, 2019 | The SEPTA Key Program for Regional Rail is expanding to Zones 1 & 2

Regional Rail Zone 1 & 2

Zone 1 & 2 customers will now have the opportunity to join the SEPTA Key Program when sales of SEPTA Key Cards open at the 4 Center City Regional Rail Sales Locations (Temple, Jefferson, Suburban Station, and 30th St.) The SEPTA Key Mobile Fare Kiosk Truck will also be out at select stations starting Monday, April 22. Ambassadors will be out with the truck to answer questions and help you register your new Key Card.

March 15, 2019 | Introducing the New www.SEPTAKey.org


We have updated the SEPTAKey ecommerce website www.septakey.org with a modernized design and new features to make using SEPTAKey online easier than ever. Before we officially launch the site, we are offering customers the chance to try it out on a fully functional BETA site. You can be among the first to see and experience the new septakey.org by visiting beta.septakey.org and logging in as you normally would.

February 20, 2019 | Zone 3 & Zone 4 Early Adopters Program Returns

Weekend Fare Inspection at 30th Street Station

Zone 3 & 4 customers who don't yet have a Key Card now have the opportunity to join the future of fare payment when the sales of SEPTA Key Cards resumes at the Temple, Jefferson, Suburban Station, and 30th St. Regional Rail Sales Offices.

February 2, 2019 | Weekend Fare Inspection at 30th Street Station

Weekend Fare Inspection at 30th Street Station

The SEPTA Key fare inspection process expands to Weekends at 30th Street Station on Saturday, February 2.

January 12, 2019 | Weekend Fare Inspection at Jefferson Station

The SEPTA Key Weekend fare inspection process at Center City Regional Rail Stations expands to Jefferson Station beginning Saturday, January 12th.