Sale of Magnetic Stripe Trans/TrailPasses ENDING at External Retail Locations

The next steps towards the full transition of the SEPTA Key Fare program include the end of magnetic stripe TransPasses and TrailPasses at External Retail Locations.

The sale of Tokens at non-SEPTA Retailers ended Sunday, July 15, 2018 and the sale of magnetic stripe Trans/TrailPasses will end effective Tuesday, July 31st.

Customers currently using tokens can make the seamless transition to SEPTA Key by purchasing a Key Card at a Transit Station Fare Kiosk, SEPTA Transit Sales Office, or one of the External Retailers now selling Key Cards and loading SEPTA fare products. Tokens can be used at the Fare Kiosks to purchase a new Key Card or load funds on the Card Travel Wallet feature.

The month for the purchase of a July Monthly TransPass at an External Retail location will be July 31st. Starting Wednesday, August 1st the only way to purchase a Monthly TransPass will be on a SEPTA Key Card. Customers who buy Monthly TransPasses through Corporate and Pre-Tax Benefit programs will continue to receive the magnetic stripe-non-reloadable legacy Pass.

The reloadable, contactless chip SEPTA Key Card offers the same convenience of purchasing a discounted fare to ride on all SEPTA Transit services with the added convenience and benefit being able to register the Key Card to protect against loss or theft.

SEPTA Key Cards can be purchased and Weekly/Monthly TransPasses loaded/reloaded at Fare Kiosks, located at all Market Frankford and Broad Street Line Stations, SEPTA Transit Sales Offices, and a growing list of SEPTA Key External Retail Sales locations. The Key program also offers the option to Register a new Card and reload a TransPass online by going to or calling the SEPTA Key Customer Call Center (1.855.567.3782). To find an External Retailer visit -