Card to Card Replacement is a new feature available on for customers with a Registered SEPTA Key Card that is about to expire. It just takes a few clicks and all Passes and Travel Wallet balances will transfer to your new Card. If the new Card already has funds in the Travel Wallet, the amount that you transfer will be added to the existing balance. If you had Autoload set on the old Card your new Card will automatically be set to Autoload.

Getting Started:
  • Your current, expiring Key Card must be registered
  • You need to have another active Key Card already on your account or you can add a Card. You may need to purchase a new Key Card to complete this process
  • Log on to your SEPTA Key Account and go to My Account
Using My Account to Complete the Transfer

Step 1: Select the Card that is expiring then go to Card Options and click on Expiring Key Card

Step 2: Select Expiring as the reason for deactivating it and hit Proceed. You will see the message that you can transfer available funds to another Card after you deactivate your current Card.

Step 3: The Proceed action takes you to the Card Replacement screen. If you have another Key Card associated with your account, select the existing Key Card option and click Confirm

If you don't have any other Cards linked to your account, you can select Register a new Card and click Confirm.

You will receive a confirmation that all pass products and Travel Wallet funds have been transferred from your expiring Card to the Card you selected.

Once you have completed this process, please destroy your deactivated Card and begin using the Key Card with your transferred fare products