Regional Rail Early Adopters Program Update

Since the August 1st launch of the Early Adopters program for Regional Rail, 2000 Zone 3 and Zone 4 customers have joined loading and reloading Weekly and Monthly TrailPasses and One Day Independence Passes.

We thank those SEPTA Regional Rail Customers who have joined the future of fare payment through the Early Adopters program.

The SEPTA Key Early Adopters program for Regional Rail is following a similar process that we followed for the Transit Early Adopters. What this means is that we are temporarily capping the number of new Key Cards available for Regional Rail at 2000.

We are now going through the process of looking at all of the new equipment installed, core functions and activities including Platform Validator taps from your home station and at the five Center City Stations; on-board Conductor validation of Key Cards; online fare purchases including setting up an autoload account; the Key Card registration process - important to protect a Card and fare products in the event it is ever lost or stolen; along with a review of customer comments and feedback.

As with Transit, we will take a few months to evaluate how SEPTA Key is working on Regional Rail to determine if there are adjustments that need to be made for our customers and train crews before we resume the sale of new Key Cards for TrailPass purchases.

While no new Key Cards are available for sale at the Center City Regional Rail Stations we want to encourage our Early Adopter customers to continue to reload their Weekly and Monthly Zone 3 or 4 TrailPasses online at or at one of the Center City Regional Rail Sales Offices. Early Adopters with valid Zone 3 & 4 TrailPasses loaded on a Key Card will continue to present their Card to the Conductor for validation, upon request.

Legacy TrailPasses for all Zones will continue to be sold at outlying Ticket Offices and at the Temple, Jefferson, Suburban, 30th St., and University City Regional Rail Station Ticket Office. Customers who purchase passes through a corporate program and customers who purchase monthly parking permits should continue to buy Legacy TrailPasses as they do today.

TOTAL NUMBER of Pass Loads/Reloads
Since Early Adopters August 1 Launch