Today, we only ask customers to tap their Key Card at the turnstile Validator when they enter the system at University City, 30th Street, Suburban, Jefferson, and Temple Stations. When Key is fully rolled out on Regional Rail you will TAP the platform Validator at your home station or TAP with the Conductor on board the train to open your trip and TAP again at the turnstiles/platform Validator when you arrive at your destination to close your trip.

Just think TAP . RIDE . TAP

To get ready for TAP . RIDE . TAP, starting November 18 we have a group of Friendly Users who will be testing the Tap to Exit feature at the Jefferson Station Section A turnstiles closest to the Sales Windows. These turnstiles will be activated Monday-Friday between 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. and you will see our Friendly Users tapping Key Cards at the Validators to exit the station.

All four turnstiles in this section will be set so that you have to tap your Key Card or swipe a Legacy Pass to EXIT on the days and times mentioned above. If you plan to use these turnstiles, please have your Key Card/Pass out and ready when you exit. Floor decals are being installed to guide you to the Tap to Exit turnstiles. So if you want to practice for Key tapping skills you're invited to join our Friendly users. The fourth turnstile in this section will continue to be open for customers traveling to/from the station with tickets or cash receipts and Key Ambassadors will be on hand to assist.

All other turnstiles at Jefferson Station and all of the other Center City Regional Rail Stations will not require you to tap to exit at this time.