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Be a Super Hero: Enroll in SEPTA's Commuter's Choice

New ad campaign details how SEPTA program saves riders money while they save the world

May 13, 2019

Super heroes are not just breaking box office records - they are riding SEPTA and saving the world by improving air quality using the Authority's buses, trains and trolleys to travel to and from work.

A "marvel"ous new advertising campaign for SEPTA's Commuter's Choice program uses bright colors and comic book motifs to tell riders how to be super men and wonder women by enrolling in the transportation benefit program offered through their employers. As an added bonus, the "SEPTA Super Savers" can make their bank accounts grow by more than $900 a year. That is like having the power infinity stone in your pocket.

"Super hero movies are the hottest thing right now," said Jennifer Scimone, SEPTA Senior Sales Development Specialist. "With this new Commuter's Choice ad campaign, we not only wanted to appeal to the public's love of comic book characters, but also educate people about how they can be everyday super heroes, too. Using mass transit takes more cars off the roads, making air quality better for everyone."

SEPTA's Commuter's Choice offers programs for employers who want to provide transit discounts for their workers. Under Federal Tax Code 132F, employees who take advantage of a Commuter's Choice program can receive up to $265 per month as a tax-free benefit toward their transportation costs, covering the entire cost of SEPTA riders' weekly and monthly passes, pre-tax.

In addition to the tax break, workers whose employers offer the ComPass program save 10 percent on their SEPTA passes and receive their passes directly at their workplace.

SEPTA riders are not the only ones who win. By offering a Commuter's Choice program, employers save up to $200 per employee in FICA-related taxes annually. "Commuter's Choice is a great program to add to employees' benefits packages," said Scimone. "The pre-tax savings can be substantial over the course of the year-and the programs are simple to administer."

Customers enrolled in Commuter's Choice currently receive a monthly TransPass, TrailPass or Cross Country pass with a magnetic stripe. SEPTA is now piloting a program where Commuter's Choice members receive reloadable SEPTA Key cards. Scimone anticipates that all Commuter's Choice participants will begin using Key cards this fall.

Information on SEPTA's Commuter's Choice is available online at
Look for the ads in local print publications, on TV and at SEPTA stations and on vehicles.