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Quietly Riding Into The Future

If you notice a quieter-than-usual bus going down the road, or see a second "bubble" on its the roof - you've just seen SEPTA's future pass by.

SEPTA is in the midst of an aggressive effort to add more fuel-efficient, cleaner-burning hybrid buses to its fleet. The hybrids are up to 29 percent more fuel efficient than regular diesel buses, and significantly reduce emissions by utilizing the latest in diesel-electric engine technology (that second "bubble" on the top of hybrids referred to above houses the battery packs that help move these buses down the road).

Our bus fleet currently has 252 hybrids operating on area roads, and there are plans to add hundreds more in the coming years - most replacing traditional diesel-powered buses. Among the newest members of the fleet are 40 hybrids being purchased with $17.8 million in federal grants under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009. On Monday, October 18th, SEPTA Board Chairman Pat Deon, General Manager Joseph M. Casey and several members of the Pennsylvania Congressional Delegation gathered at the Midvale Depot - the place many of SEPTA's hybrids call home - to celebrate this progress in the Authority's continued efforts to "Go Green".

The hybrids purchased with ARRA funds add to more than 400 already purchased or to be purchased under a four-year contract with New Flyer. By the end of that deal in 2011, approximately one of every three SEPTA buses in service will be diesel-electric hybrids.

General Manger Joe Casey speaking at Midvale Depot to celebrate additions to the SEPTA hybrid bus fleet

A hybrid bus decorated in a "Go Green" wrap

Officials, members of the Pennsylvania Congressional Delegation and employees at Midvale Depot