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Good Seed Sprouts Flower Show Award

George Rice a 22-year SEPTA veteran and current sales associate in the transit gift store is the good seed behind one of the winning concepts of this year's Phlower Power Window Decorating Contest presented by the Philadelphia Horticultural Society.

More than 90 local businesses participated in the Horticultural Society's window display contest. SEPTA won the award for "Most Attention to Detail." A requirement for this category was to incorporate a product sold in the store in the window display. Rice used a map of the SEPTA region as a backdrop in his winning window display.

The 2010 Philadelphia International Flower Show's theme featured flowers of the world. With that in mind, Rice began working on a creative concept.

The idea flourished into a window setting reminiscent of an international flower directory. He cut the shapes of various countries out of the SEPTA map with a picture of each country's flower on the pieces. Bordering underneath each picture is the name of the country's flower and flag. A beach ball, painted in blue hues hangs above the display, symbolic of a world globe.

"This year's theme was especially interesting since we were able to learn about different countries and flowers, it was like brushing up on your geography and gardening skills in a fun and creative way," said Rice. "As much as I enjoyed working on the concept it was truly a collaborative effort among my coworkers and me." Sales Associates Noreen Wilkins, Bill Furey and Senior Sales Development Specialist Peggy Maguire had just as much of a creative role in the concept.

Although this year was special in detail, SEPTA has also won awards for "Best Museum Store", "Best Use of Public Space" and "Most Innovative" in past years.

"It's a group effort that we all look forward to working on and creating a unique window display each year," said Maguire.

The Transit Gift Store's award winning window setting will be on display through March 14 at SEPTA Headquarters located at 1234 Market Street, side entrance.

PNC Bank President Bill Mills presents Award to SEPTA's George Rice, Noreen Wilkins and Peggy Maguire

Transit Gift Store's award winning window display.

United States American Rose mounted on backdrop of SEPTA map.

South Africa Protea mounted on backdrop of SEPTA map.