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Awards Program Marks the End of a Successful Inaugural Year

December 2009 marked the end of a very successful year for a new employee program - the Customer Service Awards. The program identifies employees who provide outstanding service to riders from across the organization; among the hundreds honored, eight employees were recognized for providing exemplary customer service.

Nichole Copeland, an operator on the Market-Frankford El Line, never thought she would need to use her training as a nurses' aid last April at Frankford Transportation Center. After she berthed her outbound train, she heard a panicked scream piercing the spring air. "I'll never forget the screaming, I can still hear it," She said. Exiting her train she noticed a mother holding a baby in distress on the other side of the platform. "I could tell the baby wasn't breathing and told the mother I could perform CPR. It all happened so fast. When you wake up you never think you're going to be in a situation like that to help someone - I'm glad I could."

Recently recognized for coming to the aid of a motorist whose vehicle had overturned, 28-year bus operator John Fluellen was equally humbled by the attention his actions attracted. Exiting his Route 9 bus, Fluellen was able to pull the woman from the vehicle unharmed. "At first I was really shocked, but I tried to stay calm," said Fluellen. "I was more concerned with trying to get her to safety."

These exceptional employees join bus operators Hector Altiery, Kyle Williams, Dana Toby, Sharon Pierce, Carolyn Hughey and Passenger Services Representative Garry Deans having received multiple commendations throughout the year along with demonstrating excellent work and outstanding performance records.

Recently, Kim S. Heinle, Assistant General Manager of Customer Service and Rohan Hepkins Director of the Call Center, personally recognized several award winners at an impromptu ceremony.

Each month the award committee reviews commendations received by the Customer Service Department. The growing number of employees considered each month for recognition speaks to SEPTA's commitment to put customers first. The 2009 honor roll recognized a total of 332 employees who demonstrated outstanding customer service and professional excellence.

El operator Nichole Copeland was recognized for her quick action rendering first aid to an infant

GM Joe Casey awards bus operator John Fluellen before the SEPTA Board

AGM Kim Heinle (r) and Director Rohan Hepkins (l) award several Customer Service agents