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Wellness At Work

Overall wellness was at work, at SEPTA's 8th Annual Wellness and Benefits Fair. The fair was organized by SEPTA's Wellness Connection Team. Free glucose, cholesterol and blood pressure screenings were available for employees as well as information promoting healthy lifestyle changes.

"The mission of the Wellness Connection Program is to empower employees to be active and responsible partners in self-improvement in order to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle," said Wellness Connection Program Coordinator Mary Dorman. "The Wellness Fair allows us to inform, educate, and partner with employees so they can make positive lifestyle changes. The result being a healthier lifestyle and improved quality of life." Mary has been connecting with employees through the years by offering them wellness information and tips including beneficial programs and healthy recipes.

More than 25 vendors and organizations joined SEPTA for this year's wellness fair including Independence Blue Cross, AT&T and the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, to name a few. The Wellness Fair was attended by employees seeking information about healthly living.

Wills on Wheels, Wills Eye Institute's state-of-the-art mobile vision screening facility, was also a part of SEPTA's Wellness Fair. SEPTA employees received free eye examinations aboard the Wills on Wheels bus which was conveniently parked in front of SEPTA's 1234 Market Street Headquarters.

A highlight of this year's fair was a new program targeted to motivate employees to exercise while at work. Workout At Work Program is supported through SEPTA's HR Connection and is the brainchild of SEPTA Administrative Assistant II Denise Smith. Smith, a master personal trainer, twice a week offers lunch hour workouts to employees. These fast paced and invigorating workouts are moving employees out of their seats, onto their feet and into healthier lifestyles.

"My love for fitness has allowed me to share my knowledge and motivational energy to others here at SEPTA and outside of SEPTA," said Smith, President and CEO of Gottagetabody Personal Training Inc. "I have always vowed to help who ever I can in their quest for a healthier lifestyle."

In addition to sponsoring the Wellness & Benefits Fair, SEPTA's HR Connection supports creative programs that promote wellness at work and encourage employees to choose healthier lifestyles.

Coordinator Dorman recently helped members of the SEPTA Police Department participate in a wellness and weight loss challenge. Their focus was to promote a healthier lifestyle through exercise, healthy eating choices and weight loss. And to add motivational incentive, the participants were split into two groups, "administration" - comprised of the captains, lieutenants and sergeants - versus "detectives."

Lt. Garrett Marsh spearheaded the challenge. He acted as team captain for his group, while Detective Richard Buggy took on the role of team captain for his. After a grueling four months of exercise and lifestyle changes, the detectives were victorious with an overall group loss of 150 pounds versus 50 pounds for the administration group. In the end, the friendly challenge resulted in an overall healthier police department.

SEPTA employees at the annual Welness and Benefits Fair.

Wills on Wheels Bus parked in front of SEPTA Headquarters.

Denise Smith working out with employees.

Police Administration, Wellness Challenge Participants (left to right): Lt. Garrett Marsh, Vanessa Milligan, Sgt. Tim Catto, Sgt. Jerome Larke, Sgt. Darryl Simmons, Sgt. Craig Price, Captain Vandyke Rowell, Deputy Chief Dave Scott.

Detectives, Wellness Challenge winners ( left to right): Richard Buggy, John Richardson, Togo Henderson, Robert Mears, Kathleen Blankley, Bernadette Albertini, Valdez Trower, James Taylor, Loyd Rodgers.