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Graphics Staff Receives InHouse Design Awards

SEPTA's Graphics Department was recently honored by Graphic Design USA and presented with three American InHouse Design Awards for artwork created by the department's talented design staff.

Graphic Design USA is a news magazine for graphic designers and other creative professionals. The American InHouse Design Awards is the original and the premier showcase for outstanding work by in house designers. It provides a unique opportunity for in house design, marketing and communications departments to be recognized for their talent, for the challenges they face, and for their value to businesses and institutions.

"We are proud to be honored with these awards. My graphic artists work very hard and these awards are a nice way to highlight their efforts," said SEPTA Customer Service & Advocacy Graphic Services Art Director Cheryl Jones Reed.

The SEPTA Graphics awards are scheduled to be published in Graphic Design USA in June 2011.

The specific designs recognized were logos and messaging created for the "Stop Hunger At Your Station" Food Drive campaign, the SEPTA & Sustainability - Corporate Sustainability Program and the Regional Rail Rebranding Program notification materials.

The "Stop Hunger At Your Station" Food Drive, a partnership between SEPTA & Philabundance, has been a successful effort with overwhelming participation from SEPTA riders, in large part due to the creative and colorful signage designed by the Graphics department. The stop sign featured on the posters cleverly focused attention on the main campaign message "STOP HUNGER."

The new SEPTA Corporate Sustainability Program logo utilizes many "green" images and eco-friendly symbols to promote and illustrate the Authorities environmental, economic and social responsibility message.

The Regional Rail Rebranding Program has been a crucial part of SEPTA's efforts to provide better customer service by changing the "R" designations previously listed on signage, schedules, transit maps, etc. The new blue-grey color scheme design created by the Graphics Department is fresh and cohesive and provides customers with a clearer understanding of regional rail destinations and related information.

With only four graphic & web designers and illustrators, the accomplishments of the Graphic Department are impressive. The team members, through their artistic vision and teamwork, play an integral role in communicating with SEPTA customers. The diversity of their work - from messaging campaigns to maps and websites - demonstrates that they are a full service department capable of meeting the needs of all internal/external clients using a variety of graphic design software.

When visiting the department, it is not uncommon to witness brainstorming sessions where the design staff is pooling resources, sharing ideas and providing backup for each other in order to achieve their main goal - providing customers with a quality product.

"Whether it's laying out a detour notice or designing a major communications campaign, I encourage my staff to have pride in their product and to always remember that what we produce has an important impact on our customers and will be seen by thousands of people," said Art Director Jones-Reed.

Her graphics team members are Milagros Rivera-Archer, Shawn Walsh and Angela Zippi. Together they have more than sixty years of service and experience in the graphics & design industry. Bruce Fritz, Supervisor of Printing Services and the print shop crew, work hand in hand with graphics to get the job done.

Graphics Staff: Shawn Walsh, Cheryl Jones-Reed, Milagros Rivera-Archer and Angela Zippi.

The award winning graphics design promoting SEPTA & Philabundance Food Drive used to wrap a bus.

Graphics Rebranding Program Award for Regional Rail Transit Map.

SEPTA Corporate Sustainability Program logo uses many "green" images and eco-friendly symbols.

Regional Rail Rebranding Program Destination Sign.