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Serving SEPTA and the Community

The Northwest Community Coalition for Youth (NCCY) recently honored SEPTA Deputy Police Chief David Scott with the Good Neighbor Award. Scott is a thirty-one-year veteran of the SEPTA Transit Police Department. Not only is Scott dedicated to the safety of SEPTA riders, but he is also devoted to the protection of youth throughout the community. He received the Good Neighbor Award on June 11, 2011.

The Northwest Community Coalition for Youth is an organization, comprised of local school leadership, elected officials, law enforcement, businesses and community organizations, devoted to positively impacting the lives of young people. Scott, NCCY board member and co-chair of the public relations and marketing committee, helped develop and implement the NCCY Community Newsletter Project. "It was an honor to receive the Good Neighbor Award, and a privilege to serve the community and the NCCY," Scott said.

The mission of the newsletter project is to provide a blank canvas on which students can share their opinion and use their creativity to address current issues. Participants are encouraged to improve their communication, news reporting, and photography skills, as well as other career skills that are not normally taught in classrooms.

Since its inception in 2007, the NCCY Community Newsletter Project has served over 100 youth from grades six through twelve. Some students are volunteers from area schools in Northwest Philadelphia while others have participated through the Philadelphia Youth Network, Job Research Development Center (JDRC) and the Mural Arts - Cops & Kids Program. Scott believes in the power of the program to reduce the amount of violence in the community by giving students after-school responsibilities. "The NCCY Newsletter gives the youth a voice," Scott said, "and empowers them to develop ideas on their own."

The NCCY Newsletter Project continues to progress, as the sixth edition of the newsletter was recently completed in May. Joshua Scott, Deputy Chief Scott's son, also received the Good Neighbor Award for conducting interviews, writing articles, editing and completing the layout of the sixth edition. Through their participation with other members of the NCCY Community Newsletter Project, the NCCY Newsletter provides positive community news that is created, marketed, and distributed by young people. The Scotts and the NCCY give youth a chance to actively participate in the community and share their perspective on meaningful issues with others. To view the latest edition, click here.

SEPTA Deputy Police Chief David Scott and his son Joshua Scott display their Good Neighbor Awards.