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Thanks, Phillies Fans, for Taking SEPTA to the Ballgame

The Phillies' success and consecutive sellout streak during the 2011 season has also been a win for SEPTA, with about 4,500 fans using the Broad Street Line for convenient travel to and from Citizens Bank Park.

To welcome passengers who take SEPTA out to the ballgame, Assistant General Manager for Customer Service Kim Scott Heinle and members of SEPTA's Customer Connection (SCC) team were at AT&T Station on Wednesday, August 24, before the Phillies-Mets Business Persons' Special. The Authority's representatives answered passengers' questions and discussed the variety of services SEPTA offers for special events, everyday commuting needs - and everything in-between.

"We had a nice combination of regular riders and new customers," said Heinle. "We were able to thank our current passengers for their loyalty and introduce the new riders to our system."

SCC volunteers Yvette Chiles, a SEPTA Human Resources staff member, and Pam Schurgot, from the Procurement and Supply Chain Command Management Department, were on hand to give out SEPTA mementos, register customers to win a SEPTA Family Independence Pass and talk to passengers. Childs noted how the event made many riders feel appreciated. Schurgot added that, in addition to talking to customers about SEPTA, the SCC team was also able to give Philadelphia visitors information about the city.

According to Heinle, the SCC Meet and Greet events are scheduled every other week throughout the summer and into the fall at SEPTA transit locations, such as Olney and Fernrock Transportation Centers, and sites throughout Philadelphia, including the Independence Visitors Center. In September, SEPTA will welcome Philadelphia's new and returning college students at events at Temple University, Drexel University and the University of Pennsylvania.

Approximately 4,500 Phillies fans use SEPTA's Broad Street Line every game.

Director of Customer Service Rohan Hepkins greeted riders as they exited AT&T Station.

Assistant GM Heinle talks to SEPTA riders at the SCC information table.

Yvette Chiles and Pam Schurgot were ready to greet passengers.