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SEPTA's Safety Showcase

Heather Redfern
SEPTA Public Information Manager

"Never Too Busy for Safety." That's the mantra SEPTA stresses every day, for its customers and its employees. Through regular educational programs such as the annual Customer Safety Awareness Day and regularly scheduled blitzes at stations and transportation centers, the Authority's safety officers teach the public the dangers of distracted commuting and trespassing on SEPTA's tracks, rail yards and bus depots. For employees, SEPTA holds internal safety days to review policies and procedures.

"We are creating a culture where safety is the first thing people think about, whether it be when waiting for a bus or train or working on our properties," said SEPTA Chief System Safety Officer Scott Sauer.

Employees at SEPTA's Buildings & Bridges (B&B) facility at 5800 Bustleton Avenue took the Authority's commitment to safety to another level when they created a "Safety Awareness Center," a permanent exhibit of safety equipment and materials staff uses on a regular basis. The idea for the Awareness Center came from Dave Abell, SEPTA Senior Director of B&B Maintenance.

"As managers it's our responsibility to always think safety first, especially in the trades where serious injury can happen at any time during the work day," said Abell. "We were having improvement work done at 5800 Bustleton and I thought that our conference room, which is home to the B&B winter command center and used for group meetings, training seminars and recertification classes, would be a great place to show our support for the Authority's safety campaign."

Abell shared his thoughts with several of the facility's Location Safety Committee (LSC) union members, who in turn carried out the project. B&B managers were asked to contribute one SEPTA safety item each for the room - signs or equipment - that could be hung on the walls.

"The response was awesome. We received signs, clothing and personal protective equipment," said Abell. "The LSC members did such an outstanding job creating the new space that we held a grand opening celebration."

"The employees and managers at 5800 Bustleton should be very proud of their Safety Awareness Center," said Sauer. "The Center not only supports our 'Never Too Busy for Safety' campaign, it also serves as a reminder to all SEPTA employees of the need to keep safety at the forefront in everything they do every day."

Employee contributions to the Safety Awareness Center include safety clothing and a variety of signs.

Senior Director Dave Abell developed the idea of the Safety Awareness Center as a way to promote SEPTA's safety campaign among the B&B employees.

This display at the Safety Awareness Center is a model of one that might be found when employees are working on an escalator at a station.