Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority Serving Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia Counties

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Positive Train Control – Why SEPTA Benefits

  • SEPTA operates 13 Regional Rail Lines across a 2200 square mile, five county region
  • Ridership is over 37 million annually and has increased 52% since 1998
  • SEPTA provides 770 weekday trips and 570 trips per day on weekends
  • The right of way for all this service is a hybrid of track including some SEPTA controls, some shared with independent freight carriers, and track shared, by agreement with Amtrak
  • Total track miles: 474
    • 234 SEPTA track miles
    • 240 Amtrak track miles
  • Technology investments make it possible to run trains on all tracks, in all directions, at any time

These features and unique characteristics describe a sophisticated and complex system with a great deal of operational flexibility, which makes it all the more important to greatly reduce the chance for human error and provide trains crews with the tools and resources they need to enhance operational safety for customers, personnel, and equipment.

Selecting the System

One of the early action decisions was determining which Positive Train Control System SEPTA would install. Given that 47% of SEPTA trains operate on Amtrak territory at some point in their journey and their PTC system is ACSES II, the initial decision was:

ATC + ACSES II = PTC Compliant System