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Made In America Service Information

Made In America - Saturday and Sunday, September 4 & 5, 2021

On Saturday, September 4, 2021 and Sunday, September 5, Regional Rail will operate additional trains following Made In America and select trains will be operating LATER than regularly scheduled. Added service and trains operating later are noted in the timetable HERE.

Regional Rail Select Schedule Changes

New Timetables Effective Sunday, September 5, 2021

New Regional Rail schedules will go in effect on Sunday September 5, 2021. Following are highlights of the changes which represent restoration to pre-COVID levels: 65% of the weekday service and 53% of the weekend service. Please consult the timetable for detail changes. 

All ticket offices will reopen Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Where else can I see the schedules?

  • AT STATIONS: Look for schedule posters with the September 5, 2021 effective date on the day of the schedule change.

  • ON YOUR PHONE: Users of the official SEPTA App for iPhone and Android devices should download the new schedules the day of the schedule change (Sunday, September 5, 2021) . Please look for the alert that will appear upon launching the official SEPTA App.

Not sure if you're using the official SEPTA App? Click on the links below:

Airport Line Paoli/Thorndale Line
Chestnut Hill East Line Trenton Line
Chestnut Hill West Line Manayunk/Norristown Line
Cynwyd Line Media/Elwyn Line
Fox Chase Line Warminster Line
Glenside Combined West Trenton Line
Lansdale/Doylestown Line Wilmington/Newark Line

Airport Line

DOWNLOAD: Airport Line PDF Schedule

  • Weekday: most trains rescheduled to serve Wayne Junction and Fox Chase Line, late night train renumbered and extended to Doylestown 
  • Weekend: no service changes

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Chestnut Hill East Line

DOWNLOAD: Chestnut Hill East Line PDF Schedule

  • Weekday: one new morning and one evening peak train 
  • Weekend: no service changes

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Chestnut Hill West Line

DOWNLOAD: Chestnut Hill West Line PDF Schedule

  • No service changes due to ongoing Amtrak track and switch work in North Philadelphia through November 2021
  • No weekend service
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Cynwyd Line  

  • Weekday: limited service restored- three morning and three evening trains
  • Weekend: No Service 

DOWNLOAD: Cynwyd Line PDF Schedule


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Fox Chase Line  

DOWNLOAD: Fox Chase Line PDF Schedule

All trains will service Wayne Junction Station. 

  • Weekday: all trains renumbered, later inbound departure times, most trains will service Penn Medicine and Philadelphia International Airport. One additional morning and evening train.
  • Weekend: Later departures for all inbound trains and bi-hourly service between Fox Chase and Center City.

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Glenside Combined

DOWNLOAD: Glenside Combined PDF Schedule

  • Weekday: New morning and evening trains added.

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Lansdale/Doylestown Line

DOWNLOAD: Lansdale/Doylestown Line PDF Schedule

  • Weekday:  Morning and evening express trains added; early morning service restored; late night trains rescheduled. 

  • Weekend:  Hourly service restored select times between Landsdale and Center City; New morning inbound and outbound departures 

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Manayunk/Norristown Line

DOWNLOAD: Manayunk/Norristown Line PDF Schedule

  • Weekday: Two new morning and two evening pm peak trains
  • Weekend:Hourly service restored select times between Elm St. Station and Center City


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Media/Elwyn Line

DOWNLOAD: Media/Elwyn Line PDF Schedule

  • Weekday:  One new morning and one new evening train. 
  • Weekend:  Bi-hourly service between Elwyn and Center City - Entire service day.

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Paoli/Thorndale Line

DOWNLOAD: Paoli/Thorndale Line PDF Schedule

  • Weekday: Earlier outbound service, morning and evening express trains added, Bryn Mawr local service restored, trains extended to/from Thorndale. 
  • Weekend: Hourly service restored select time periods between Malvern and Center City. Sunday service originates and terminates at Malvern station.

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Trenton Line

DOWNLOAD: Trenton Line PDF Schedule

  • Weekday: Select morning and evening peak and reverse peak service restored; earlier train departure 
  • Weekend:  Service enhancement with three new inbound and three outbound trains


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Warminster Line    

DOWNLOAD: Warminster Line PDF Schedule

  • Weekday: Early morning Warminster departure; Morning and evening express service restored; Select trains renumbered 

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West Trenton Line

DOWNLOAD: West Trenton Line PDF Schedule

  • Weekday: Two new morning and one evening peak trains; adjusted inbound train departures (earlier and later); new Penn Medicine direct service
  • Weekend: No service changes

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Wilmington/Newark Line

DOWNLOAD: Wilmington/Newark Line PDF Schedule

  • New morning and evening service, earlier departure times, express trains, trains extended to/from Marcus Hook, Wilmington, and Newark


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