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SEPTA's Service Standards and Process

As part of the FY 2020 Annual Service Plan, SEPTA is proposing to revise its Standards and Process document, which acts as a guidebook for how the agency develops routing, scheduling, and network changes for Surface Transportation and Regional Rail.

The document proposes a framework for evaluating fixed-route transit based on two new performance metrics, productivity and cost effectiveness, to ensure the agency is providing service in a manner that is responsible to both customers and taxpayers. It would establish expectations for the customer experience and map out how the agency engages with stakeholders and the community when making changes to service.

SEPTA's Service Standards and Process was originally adopted by the SEPTA board in 1995. The draft update makes significant changes to the policies and practices that have guided the Service Planning Department for over two decades. This document is the result of an intensive peer-review process of nearly a dozen transit agencies in North America and a Authority-wide desire to make transparent, data-driven decisions that engage our partner agencies, and the general public in a meaningful dialogue about SEPTA services and how they can operate at their best.

Included in this document is the Annual Service Plan process used by SEPTA Service Planners to implement route changes and review system route performance.

What is in the document?

  • History of Service Standards at SEPTA
  • Goals of Service Standards and Process
  • Route and Station Performance
  • Network, Route, and Stop Design Standards
  • Quality of Service Standards
  • Service Development Process

What is new in the proposed Service Standards Update?

  • Overarching goals for service development;
  • A route classification system for evaluating existing surface transit;
  • Two new performance metrics and method for evaluating existing service;
  • Network design standards; and
  • An enhanced service development process that proactively engages stakeholders and the public.

How can I participate?

The proposed Service Standards and Process revisions will be presented for public comment at the FY 2020 Annual Service Plan Open House on March 19, 2019. There are two sessions, one at 12:00 PM and another at 5:00 PM. The Open House will be held in the SEPTA Board Room, on the Mezzanine level at 1234 Market Street, Philadelphia, 19107.

Comments can also be made online via the form below.

After staff evaluation of the input received, public hearings will be scheduled on the FY 2020 Annual Service Plan, including the proposed changes in the Service Standards and Process document. If approved, the Hearing Examiner's recommendation will be presented to the SEPTA Board for adoption.