Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority Serving Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia Counties

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SEPTA Mobile App for Android Users

SEPTA is pleased to announce the release of our SEPTA mobile app for Android users. Getting started is simple - just go to Google Play on your Android smartphone and download the SEPTA App. We welcome your feedback and suggestions.

Click on the icon to download the app. Watch the SEPTA Android app video here.


Check your schedule:

From the start menu, tap on "Schedules" at the top of your screen

tap on your mode of travel

Select a starting point (stations are listed in alphabetical and numerical order)

Select a destination

A list of times for that particular day will appear. To view the entire schedule for any day, click on the "Weekday," "Sat," or "Sun" buttons

Add or remove a route or line from your favorites:

Search for a schedule or use the Next to Arrive feature

Tap on the menu item in the top right corner of your screen

Select the "Favorite" option. Note: If you already have a route or line selected, follow these same steps to remove it from your favorites

Check for an alert, detour, or service advisory on your route:

System Status features real-time service information on all SEPTA modes of travel. From the start menu, tap the "System Status" icon

Select your route

Tap on the icon to the right of your route to see the travel information. If there is no icon then service is running as regularly scheduled

Find the location of your Regional Rail Train:

Our TrainView feature allows you to see the location and status of your train. From the start menu, tap "TrainView"

A map will appear showing the various trains currently running

Click on one of the trains to see its location

Get real-time information for Regional Rail Trains between any two Regional Rail Stations

From the start menu, tap the "Next to Arrive" icon

Select a starting point and a destination

A list will appear of the Regional Rail Trains next to arrive

Find the travel option nearest you

From the start menu, tap the "Find Nearest Location" icon

Using your device's GPS, depending on your location, a list of serveral travel options will appear. You can also tap the location icon in the top right corner of your screen to choose the specific distance from your current location to search

Tap the desired travel option to view schedule and other service information

Stay connected to SEPTA

We're here to help. The Connect feature offers SEPTA Customer Service contact information, fare information, and links to our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

From the start menu, tap the "Connect" option at the top of your screen

A list of links will appear, including fare information, a link to the official SEPTA Facebook and Twitter accounts, and a link to allow you to leave us feedback