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CCT Connect

Customized Community Transportation (CCT) provides paratransit service - CCT Connect - to individuals with disabilities and senior citizens.

CCT Boarding Policy Enforcement | Effective June 1, 2015

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CCT Boarding Policy | PDF

CCT Policies

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SRP Reservation Window Expansion, Sep. 1, 2015 | PDF | .doc

Boarding Policy for Registered General Public, Sep. 1, 2015 | PDF | .doc

Revision to No Show/Late Cancellation, Feb. 15, 2015 | Letter from Chief Operating Officer (PDF) | Reminder (PDF)

Disruptive Behavior/Direct Threat Policy | PDF | .doc

Safety & Security/Custodial Care Service Policy | PDF | .doc

Customer No-Show/Cancellation Policy | PDF | .doc

You Have the Right to Appeal | PDF | .doc

ADA Paratransit Service

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), SEPTA provides comparable service for people with disabilities who are functionally unable to use regular accessible fixed-route bus service for some or all of their transportation needs. Eligible individuals can travel whenever and wherever buses operate in SEPTA's five-county service region.

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CCT Connect ADA Paratransit Brochure | PDF (English), PDF (Spanish) | .doc (large print English) .doc (large print Spanish)

Reduced Fare Program

Riders with disabilities may travel at a discounted rate on all SEPTA services with a PA Disability Transit ID Card.

Visitor's Information

If you live outside of SEPTA's service area and are a person with a disability that prevents you from using a regular bus, you are eligible for 21 days of ADA paratransit service. Please complete and return the Visitor's Registration form and the required proof of eligibility. If you reside within SEPTA's service area, you must contact CCT Customer Service at 215-580-7145 for an application.

(Click on the "PDF" or ".doc" links below to download the different formats of the information)

SEPTA CCT Accessible Services Visitor Information | PDF | .doc

ADA Visitor Registration Form | PDF | .doc

Shared-Ride Program

The Shared-Ride program is a door-to-door, advance-reservation, ride-sharing service, offered on a space-available basis to senior citizens 65 years of age and residents of Philadelphia. This service can be used to travel within the City of Philadelphia and to any location in the surrounding counties within three miles of the City's border. The State of Pennsylvania Lottery Fund contributes to the cost of operating this program.

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CCT Connect Senior Shared-Ride Program Brochure | PDF (English), PDF (Spanish) | .doc (large print English), .doc (large print Spanish)

Shared-Ride coordinators in the suburban counties
(215) 794-5554 | Bucks County Transport, for Bucks County
(610) 594-3911 | Krapf Coaches, for Chester County
(610) 490-3960 | Community Transit, for Delaware County
(215) 542-7433 | TRANSNET, for Montgomery County

Both ADA Paratransit Service and the Shared-Ride Program are provided by contract carriers within the City of Philadelphia and each suburban county. Carriers provide rides to customers, train drivers and maintain vehicles.

SEPTA oversees the carriers, provides centralized driver training, and also directly manages the reservation, scheduling and service monitoring functions for Philadelphia, Bucks, Chester, Delaware and Montgomery Counties.

Senior Citizens Ride Free

Bus, subway, trolley and Norristown High Speed Line rides are free at all times for seniors age 65 or older with a valid PA Senior Citizen Transit ID Card.


The cost to ride Paratransit and Shared-Ride can be found in Fares.

Eligibility Requirements

Riders must meet the established criteria to qualify for these programs. For eligibility requirements and to register for either program, call CCT Customer Service weekdays at (215) 580-7145.

CCT Connect Interactive Voice Recognition Systems

Click on the links to download the PDF or .doc versions of the CCT Connect Interactive Voice Recognition System guide

CCT IVR Brochure | PDF | .doc

CCT IVR Brochure (large print) | PDF | .doc