Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority Serving Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia Counties

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In messaging to customers, SEPTA may reference Amtrak as being at the root of an issue impacting Regional Rail service. This is because.

  • Paoli/Thorndale, Wilmington/Newark & Trenton Line service runs directly on Amtrak track from end to end
  • Airport, Chestnut Hill West & Cynwyd Line service runs on portions of Amtrak track
  • 47% of all Regional Rail trains, at some point in their journey, are directly controlled by Amtrak dispatchers that manage the movement of all SEPTA trains on Amtrak territory

Working Together

  • Joint Evaluation Committee
    • SEPTA/Amtrak Operations managers coordinate daily and hold biweekly teleconference meetings
    • Discuss current issues, and work closely together to propose solutions to improve train scheduling coordination efforts as well as performance on individual trains
    • Evaluate long term options for better coordination of our respective services
    • Coordinates with Amtrak on maintenance and construction projects
  • After Action Meetings
    • SEPTA/Amtrak meet right after significant service interruptions or events to debrief and identify issues to work on in the future
      • After Action Meeting protocol employed at SEPTA/Amtrak meeting (held June 29) to discuss major storm-related service delay on the Paoli/Thorndale Line
  • Senior Level Partnership Meetings
    • January 2018 meeting attended by senior level SEPTA and Amtrak executives to discuss several major Amtrak engineering projects scheduled in 2018 that will impact SEPTA train service and scheduling
  • Northeast Corridor Commission
    • SEPTA General Manager Jeff Knueppel was recently appointed by Governor Tom Wolf to serve as the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's Voting Representative on the Northeast Corridor Commission (NECC) and he serves as Co-Chair of the NECC Operations & Performance Committee
      • Congress established the Northeast Corridor Commission (the Commission) under Sec. 212 of Public Law 110-432 (Passenger Rail Investment and Improvement Act of 2008) [1] to promote mutual cooperation and planning among owners and operators on the Northeast Corridor (NEC) rail line and to advise the U.S. Congress on Corridor policy and investment needs