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April 29, 2018 Schedule Change

Trenton Line:

Amtrak and SEPTA agreed to a series of schedule changes for both rail operations in order to minimize impacts on service due to the Track Replacement Project Amtrak was undertaking for the portion of the Northeast Corridor that also serves the Trenton Line. In anticipation of the project start, SEPTA published a new timetable in January (01.14.18) with train adjustments and additional minor schedule adjustments were made in March. While the impact to customers was expected to be minimal during this phase of the work, SEPTA customers were experiencing significant, daily service delays mainly on the Trenton and Chestnut Hill East Regional Rail Lines with a trickle effect on the Fox Chase Line.

On Sunday, April 29, 2018, a new Trenton Regional Rail Line schedule went into effect that includes the following changes to service:

  • Departure times for more than 50% of the current service will change:
    • Many AM Trains will depart earlier
    • Many Midday Trains will depart 15-17 minutes later

  • Midday service (9:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.) will NOT stop at Tacony or Bridesburg Stations. Customers traveling from/to Tacony and/or Bridesburg Station will have several options:
    • Bus Routes 73 and 84 to Frankford Transportation Center for connections to the Market Frankford Line
    • SEPTA Bus Shuttle to Holmesburg Junction Station for connections to Trenton Line service

Once the May work is completed, Amtrak will continue their track work improvements through the end of this calendar year.

We will continue to keep customers updated based on the progress of the Amtrak work and any additional adjustments to our Regional Rail service.

Also in April, minor schedule changes - mainly train number changes and select changes in departure times went into effect for the Airport, Chestnut Hill East, Chestnut Hill West, Fox Chase, and Wilmington/Newark Line.

As part of the Authority's on-going campaign to streamline resource use and to help promote the many other ways you can get schedule information, we did not print paper timetables for either the March 11th or April 29th schedule change. Customers still have a variety of options to get schedule and service information as noted in the poster promoting these changes.