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Fleet Improvements

The current SEPTA Regional Rail fleet - locomotives and coach cars - presents both age and capacity issues given the amount of service operated, and current and anticipated ridership levels.

The newest cars in the fleet - the 6 year old Silverliner V's were purchased to replace Silverliner II & III cars, which were 47 and 43 years old, respectively. In addition to the SLV's, SEPTA operates and maintains 231 Silverliner IV's (39-43 years old) and push pull cars, which are about 30 year.

The majority of the push pull cars have undergone recent interior overhauls to provide new comfortable seats, powder coated luggage racks, and new flooring. These train sets are powered by AEM-7 locomotives that are 28 years old and an ALP-44 engine that is 20 years old.

Fleet improvement Fleet improvement


  • SEPTA is the only commuter rail system in the country still operating with AEM-7 locomotives
    • Replacement a PRIORITY and a contract has been awarded to Siemens
    • 15 locomotives will replace 8 existing locomotives (7AEM-7's/1 ALP-44) to upgrade vehicles and support purchase of multi-level cars

Multi-Level Cars

On Thursday, March 23, 2017 the SEPTA Board, at its regularly scheduled meeting, approved the award of a contract to CRRC MA Corp to purchase 45 multi-level coaches, with an option to purchase 10 more cars.

  • New multi-level cars will increase capacity
    • Multi-level fleet will be used to address service enhancements including additional Express trains
    • Vehicles will have comfortable two-two seating arrangement on both levels
    • Three proposals are currently under evaluation
    • No other cars currently in SEPTA fleet will be retired with the acquisition of multi-levels

Silverliner VI Cars

  • Investigating long-term financing options to advance procurement of Silverliner VI cars to replace Silverliner IV fleet

Projected Schedule

Number of Vehicles Notice to Proceed First Vehicle Last Vehicle
Locomotives 15 July, 2015 March, 2018 November, 2018
Multi-Levels 45 March, 2017 December, 2019 July, 2020

Frazer Shop and Yard Improvements

  • In order to support the increased number of locomotives and new multi-level fleet, SEPTA is already engaged in extensive expansion of the Frazer Shop and Yard Facilities
    • Phase 1 construction is underway and the bids for Phase 2 efforts will open in December

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