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With the final phases of testing and preparations almost done, there are still 2 tasks remaining before we can officially launch Positive Train Control (PTC) on SEPTA Regional Rail:

  • FRA testing and approval of the SEPTA PTC system
  • Software revision upload on Regional Rail cars

In addition to reviewing our Safety and Implementation Plans, the FRA must also conduct an on-site test of our PTC system and that is scheduled to take place next week. Once completed, we will request concurrence from the FRA to conduct a Revenue Service Demonstration (RSD) and begin operating this groundbreaking safety system on the Warminster Regional Rail Line. Starting Tuesday, February 23rd, SEPTA staff will be out at Warminster Line Stations to talk about the launch of our PTC program. Please take a moment to stop and talk with them - they'll be clearly identified by their yellow safety vests.

While we wait for the testing to take place, work will continue over the next two weekends (02-20/21 & 02-27/28) to upload the software revisions on the 110 Regional Rail cars that will be used for the RSD.

Based on the tasks mentioned above, the earliest date we anticipate being able to launch PTC on the Warminster Line would be Monday, February 29th but that is contingent on successfully passing the testing program and the FRA declaring us ready to operate our PTC system.

With Amtrak's launch of their Advanced Civil Speed Enforcement System (ACSES), we have identified Wilmington/Newark and Trenton Lines as high priorities for our PTC rollout. While we want to bring all our routes, on-line as soon as possible, we will not expand our deployment program beyond the Warminster Line until we're comfortable with operating PTC in our own territory.

It's taken a tremendous investment of time and energy by SEPTA staff, from many parts of the organization, working in concert with the project contractors to design and build our PTC system. The end result is the greatest customer service initiative we can offer - safety for our Regional Rail riders and the employees operating our system - and that makes it all worthwhile. We want to thank the FRA for cooperating with our efforts to bring this important safety technology to the SEPTA Regional Rail system.


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