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Winter Weather | Regional Rail

The safety of our customers is our first concern when responding to all weather events including winter's cold, snow, and sleet. We want to remind you about our program for clearing parking lots and platforms at SEPTA's Regional Rail stations:

An in-house "Snow Team" monitors weather forecasts and conditions to determine the best time to send out our internal and contractor forces

If snow or ice is anticipated, members of our team often treat surfaces with deicing products as part of our bad weather preparations

Generally, snow removal starts when the snow stops. But with a service area covering 2200 square miles, the exact time may vary depending on conditions

SEPTA uses 3rd party contractors for platform and parking lot snow removal and salting at all Regional Rail stations. Each contractor is responsible for 8 to 10 stations. So please keep in mind, once they go out it will take some time to get all of their stations cleared

The timing of the storm is critical. If the snow fall occurs during the day, the contractors' first task is clearing the station entrances and exits; then later, when the cars are gone, they will return to clear the lots for the following morning

SEPTA maintenance forces may also be deployed, in advance of the contractor's arrival, to clear steps and walkways

Winter Weather Travel Tips

Remember to dress for the cold - wear several layers of loose fitting, lightweight, warm clothing; mittens are warmer than gloves and don't forget a hat and scarf

Check the antifreeze level in your car, your wiper blades for wear, and make certain the heater and defroster are working properly. Make yourself a car winter emergency kit with a shovel, windshield scraper, small broom, flashlight, road salt or sand, booster cables, emergency flares, and first aid kit.

Don't forget to take precautions when traveling in wintry conditions and give yourself extra time to travel to and from the station

Always be careful when walking through parking lots, up stairs, on station walkways and platforms, and when you board and exit trains