SEPTA has introduced new, intuitive communications tools to make understanding and using Transit services easier than ever.

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  • MAPS: We're working on new transit maps that give our customers a different and easy way to look at and envision SEPTA transit. This map shows the bus network by frequency. When a service comes frequently, there is little need for advanced planning making these routes competitive with today's dynamic transportation options
  • SCHEDULES: We’re introducing new schedules for our most frequent bus routes. The schedules are colorful and easy to read with new tools like the TRAVEL HEADWAY GRID to help streamline trip planning and travel.
  • COLORS AND SYMBOLS: We’re grouping our bus services into three tiers based on their frequency of service. Each tier has its own color and symbol, so you can easily tell how often each route comes.

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SEPTA is introducing two map concepts, each with its own strengths:
  • Full Network Map: This map shows the entire bus network by frequency, no matter how often the route comes. With this map you get a complete snapshot of the core of the SEPTA network to quickly and easily plan trips all around the region. Thank you for all the feedback you submitted - keep an eye out for the final version coming soon.
Frequency Map Preview
  • 15-Minute Transit Map: This map is a simple schematic showing all of the routes that come every 15 minutes MAX, 15 hours per day (6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.), 5 days per week (Monday through Friday). You can use all the routes on this map like you use the Broad Street Line and Market-Frankford Line - just show up and ride. We continue to work on improvements to this map but it is not quite ready to show you.
Frequency Map Preview

These maps clearly show each bus route and how they connect with other services. The goal is to show the strength of SEPTA Transit and how these routes work together to create a network that can move the whole region.

How does this relate to the Bus Network Redesign Program?

SEPTA will be undertaking a multi-year, comprehensive bus network redesign project. These new transit maps will be used during the process as a way to help SEPTA, transit partners, and our customers understand our current network - and imagine what it could look like in the future. After all, how can you imagine a new bus network if you can't see what we have now? With these new tools, it is easier than ever to point out what is right about the network, and what could be better. Once we work together to create a new bus network, the maps will be updated to easily communicate the new changes.