Starting Wednesday, February 26, 2020, all customers with SEPTA Key Cards and legacy Passes must Tap or Swipe to EXIT when using the designated turnstiles at Temple Station. This fare procedure will be in effect Monday-Friday 6:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Floor decals will identify the turnstiles set for Tap/Swipe to EXIT.

TAP to EXIT applies to all Key Cards including Senior Citizen as well as Quick Trips for customers traveling from the Airport towards Center City.

Customers with paper Passes can swipe at any turnstile to exit. Riders with paper tickets and cash fare receipts must exit at the turnstiles with a SEPTA Key Ambassador.


How Tap to Exit Works

Travel on Regional Rail and the fare you pay is based on the zone you are riding to/from. To ensure that you are using a TrailPass with the correct zone or that you are charged the correct fare (this relates to the Travel Wallet feature set to launch in early 2020), SEPTA Key on Regional Rail will require that you Open and Close your trip.

Right now when you travel from your home station, the Conductor opens your trip on the train by validating the fare on your Key Card using their handheld device. In order to close that trip you must tap to exit when you get to Center City.

When your trip starts at a Center City Station, when you tap your Key Card to gain access to the platform area you are opening your trip. We realize this is a significant change from what you do today, but this is the way Key will work on Regional Rail so we're encouraging you to build your TAP. RIDE. TAP habit.

Tap/Swipe to Exit is already in place at Jefferson Station, select turnstile arrays at Suburban Station, and Penn Medicine Station with more to come. By the beginning of March, Tap/Swipe to Exit will be in effect at all Center City Stations. As part of this transition, we are asking you to start tapping your Key Card at your home station platform Validator to open your trip before boarding the train.

The Conductor on your train may still ask to validate your fare, but please be assured that is all this action will do. If you already opened your trip, the Conductor tap will not deduct any additional trips from your TrailPass or additional funds from your Travel Wallet (when this feature launches). If you did not tap before boarding the train, the Conductor can open your trip.