Senior Key Cards | Cards Expiring in 2020 Automatically Extended for One (1) Year

The first of the Senior SEPTA Key Cards expire in January 2020. Given that we are entering the bad weather months that may hamper travel, we are extending the valid period for ALL Senior Key Cards expiring in calendar 2020 for one (1) year. For example, Cards with a May 2020 expiration date will continue to be valid for travel through May 2021.

We will continue to send letters to all current Senior Cardholders, with Cards initially set to expire in 2020, informing them of the one year extension and offering the option to renew their Card.

We recommend that Seniors who elect to renew their Cards do so within 30-60 days of receiving the notification letter. Seniors can take advantage of same day Card renewals at:

  • SEPTA Headquarters 1234 Market St., Philadelphia Pa. 19107
  • SEPTA Accessible Travel Center Room #109, Suburban Station, 15 N. 16th St, Philadelphia Pa. 19107

If you have questions, please contact SEPTA CCT Customer Service at (215) 580-7145.

Please remember to always TAP your Card at the farebox Validator for FREE travel on Transit (Bus, Trolley, Trackless Trolley, Broad Street/Market Frankford Lines, and Norristown High Speed Line. For FREE travel on Regional Rail to/from Stations in Pennsylvania present your Card to the Conductor on the train; for travel to NJ or DE Station destinations 50% of the regular fare will be required when you present your SEPTA Senior Key Card.