Media/Elwyn Regional Rail Line Bridge Repairs

Construction Update: New pictures are available to view in the slideshow below.

Phase II: Work will replace the timbers, complete superstructure and substructure steel repairs and painting and reinforcement, and painting for the Cobbs Creek, Darby Creek, and Ridley Creek Viaducts. Work will be progressed in two phases. Phase II construction will include the same work as in Phase I for the Ridley Creek Viaduct, as well as structural repairs, painting, retaining walls, embankment stabilization, and stream scour protection for all three viaducts.

Phase I construction at Cobbs Creek and Darby Creek Viaducts included the replacement of existing timber ties, track work, and walkways with new materials and new safety railings. The top flange of the steel girders was also repaired and painted during the tie replacement process.