New Electric Locomotives

New Electric Locomotives

On July 10, 2015, SEPTA gave Siemens the official Notice-to-Proceed on a contract valued up to $154 million for new ACS-64 electric locomotives to replace the existing AEM-7s/ALP-44 locomotives that have exceeded their useful life. More

UPDATE: Elwyn to Wawa Service Restoration Project

Swarthmore Station

SEPTA will restore service on the Media/Elwyn Regional Rail Line from its current terminus at Elwyn Station to Wawa, PA (service beyond Elwyn was discontinued in the early 1980s). More

5th Street Station (Market Frankford Line)

Swarthmore Station

Work includes water mitigation, construction to return the station to a state of good repair, the construction of SEPTA KEY infrastructure, architectural improvements, and new headhouses. More

UPDATE: Exton Station

Work includes the construction of high-level boarding platforms, ramps and stairs, a new station building, new canopies, and open air shelters. More

About the Rebuilding the System Program:

Create - Reinvest - Rebuild

When SEPTA was created in 1964, the first task was to take the resources of bankrupt private companies, including assets built in the nineteenth century, and shape them into a transit network to meet the travel needs of southeastern Pennsylvania. Half a century later, the system is a blend of legacy and modern stations, vehicles, and infrastructure critical to the economy of the region. Maintaining and improving the system has always been a priority and even in the face of funding challenges, the Authority has made progress renewing assets including rebuilding the Market-Frankford Line, introducing new Silverliner V rail cars, rehabilitating stations, introducing new technologies, and investing in major infrastructure and maintenance facility upgrades to preserve and enhance safety on the system.

In late 2013, Harrisburg took bold action with the passage of Pennsylvania Act 89, which creates, for the first time, a long term funding solution for critical highway and transit infrastructure needs across the Commonwealth. Taking a business approach to managing its asset portfolio, SEPTA will rehabilitate or replace bridges, replace critical power systems, and design and procure new vehicles.

These projects will also create new business and contract opportunities throughout Pennsylvania. This places SEPTA in a strong position to reinvest in and rebuild the system to provide safe, reliable service, while enhancing the travel experience for current and future customers.

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